The Hamptons at Umstead

The Hamptons at Umstead is conveniently located in the heart of the Triangle in Northwest Raleigh. Residents have expedient access to major highways that traverse major sites across the Triangle, which is one major advantage of the Hamptons community. The Hamptons prioritizes the pursuit of luxury in a locale that cannot be beat.

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Included below are links to all documents necessary for applying for alterations to existing homes or building a new home in the Hamptons.   The process for approval is as follows:

Renovations to existing occupied homes are reviewed by the Architectural Committee, a group of resident volunteers.  These revisions are submitted using the form below and submitted to

New construction and modifications to homes under construction are reviewed by the  Architectural Review Board (ARB),  a group of Design and Construction Professionals (CDR) These applications are submitted using the forms below and submitted to

CDR Process of Approval

  1. Preliminary Assessment – ARB provides comments and requirements necessary to obtain approval for construction.
  2. Final Review – ARB reviews revisions for conformance with the guidelines and issues final approval if satisfied.
    **If at the preliminary assessment all requirements are met, then the ARB can grant approval to begin the process of clearing inspection & construction.

 Documents to Download

Submittal Fee Process

  1. ARB fees for CDR reviews of new construction are indicated on the Application form.  Alteration applications for homes under construction require no additional fees.
  2. To be placed on the review agenda, submit plans to ARB Coordinator ( on the Wednesday prior to the review.  Appropriate application fees shall be sent to Community Design Review, LLC at 180 Providence Rd,  Suite #8 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 prior to review of documents.   See Calendar of Events for submittal dates.
  3.  Acceptable applications will  be reviewed by the ARB on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.  Applications must include ALL applicable items required in the checklist application.

Protecting Developments one review at a time